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Which chakra do you need to balance now?

Welches Chakra musst du jetzt ausbalancieren?
Hey karma girls,
Do you sometimes feel like everything is slowing down?
The streets are emptier, people are more alone.
This time is a real opportunity for all of us - because only those who look mindfully into themselves can fully arrive at their center.

We yogis know that everything is a question of energies. That's why we should take care of our chakras right now.
If they are in harmony, we can dance through our lives with zest for life, joy and a healthy self-confidence and enjoy it to the fullest.
But if just one chakra is out of balance, it affects all the rest.

A little self-check doesn't hurt. Here we have put together an overview of all seven chakras and their meanings.
And of course we also have a few pieces of jewelry as a reminder in everyday life if you notice that a chakra needs special attention and care in the near future. Discover The Chakra Collection.
Seven chakras

• If the root chakra is in balance, you have basic trust in others and in yourself.
You have a healthy body awareness, feel emotionally and materially secure and go through life calmly.

• When the sacral chakra is balanced, lightness should arise: zest for life, but also sexual desire, joy of life, enthusiasm.
You are spontaneous, open, flexible and can quickly adapt to changes - you “flow” with life.

• A healthy solar plexus chakra allows you to be yourself. Without arrogance, you are aware of your own strength.
You are energetic, efficient, spontaneous, develop yourself and have good nerves.

• With a balanced heart chakra you are warm-hearted, at peace with yourself, can feel deep love for yourself and others and feel secure.
If the heart chakra is deficient, you cannot open yourself fully and are critical instead of empathetic in relationships.
When it is TOO active, you become excessively concerned with the well-being of others and neglect yourself.

With a balanced throat chakra you can express yourself creatively and verbally in your full truth.
You are honest, understandable and mindful.

Intuition, your connection with things that lie outside of sensory perception, is located in the forehead chakra .
If it is balanced, you are insightful, mentally clear, have a good memory and a lot of imagination.

The crown chakra is the connection to spirituality. You have a deep understanding of your true identity, achieve bliss and inner peace.
The perfect harmony of you and the world.

Look inside yourself and discover all the magic and magic that is just waiting to be lived!

PS: Do you already know our zodiac sign incense sticks ? They also support your personality and help you become more mindful.
Treat yourself to a little self-love - you are worth it!

Chakra bracelet