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Healing Kollektion

Heal your souls! Heal your hearts!

Only when we are all at peace with ourselves can we let our light shine, make this world more loving, gentle and beautiful.

Our Healing Collection is packed with healing stone jewelry, gemstone jewelry and lucky charm symbols, like Lakshmi - which is meant to remind you of the abundance and beauty of your life. Buddha, who grounds you and ensures inner peace, real pearls that flatter the soul and create emotional balance. Find the piece of your heart - whether jewelry, incense sticks or yoga mat, feel your inner wealth, heal your wounds - and just be happy.

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Heilstein Schmuck KolleKtion mit kraftvollen Edelsteinen für Mind & Body Healing.

Off To Paradise

They exist - the shining moments, the moments in which happiness is so close, so overwhelming, so reconciling. The things that open up paradise to you, make your whole body tingle, and make you forget all doubts, fears and worries. They show what is truly worth living for. And then there are other times when everything becomes difficult and seems hopeless. What we then need are little reminders of the positive moments that bring you back to your inner paradise, give you courage and optimism.

That's exactly what we want with this collection. It's packed with lucky charms, gods and symbols that make life easier, even when it's difficult.

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Mala Armbänder und Edelsteinarmbänder mit Glücksbringern von hoffnungsträger.

Magic Moon

Like hardly anything else, the moon represents our inner world, the soul, feelings - and the subconscious. The moon also stands for intuition and creativity - and thus embodies the typically feminine. If these aren't enough reasons to dedicate your own collection to him!

He guides us very subtly through everyday life - with his great power he controls all the energy within ourselves and around us. Those who listen to him and follow his signs begin to understand so much more - and recognize themselves as part of the entire universe.

Delicate moon necklaces, moon bracelets, moon rings and moon earrings should be little reminders in your everyday life not to forget the power of your silent companion, to pay attention to him more often, and thus to have more understanding of yourself and your environment.

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Mond Schmuck Magic Moon

I'm a Believer

We know sayings like “Faith can move trees,” and yet we far too rarely use the immeasurable power of faith when it comes to ourselves.
It is the key to fulfilling all of our dreams, the opportunity to create the life we ​​would like to have. Anyone who has experienced the power of manifestation knows that they can trust the universe because it has everything you need to dance through this life full of happiness.
So that you never stop trusting, we have created a few little reminders. Symbols such as the eye that shows you that you are protected, or a Tibetan scroll encrusted with gemstones that reminds you of the most important messages again and again. From the bottom of our hearts we wish you a time full of confidence & faith, full of abundance & miracles! They are already there - just open your eyes!

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I'm a Believer Collection

I'm Perfect

Celebrate yourself!

You are good just the way you are! Time to celebrate yourself, destroy self-doubt, enjoy your uniqueness, your lovability to the fullest. Personal development is wonderful and important, but it is even more important to accept yourself as you are.

Because you are the person with whom you spend the most time in your life. Everything else can pass – you remain yourself. For example, our “I am perfect” amulets are intended to remind you in everyday life to stand by yourself (you can also wear them with the Sanskrit side up if that sounds too self-absorbed for you ;-)).

Perhaps our finely cut birthstones will also help you respect – and strengthen – your unique personality. It's great that you're there!

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I Am Perfect Collection

See The Light 

Discover our beautiful yoga jewelry collection with pastel gemstones and meaningful lucky charm pendants. The longing for light at the end of a long, often lonely, tunnel became the inspiration for this collection.

We still love colors, but they have become quieter, more delicate and softer. After all the heaviness that the last few months have brought, that's exactly what we need: lightness and confidence.

And of course hope. Here we have committed ourselves to our “bearers of hope”; we need them to persevere & to create the life we ​​dream of.

Speaking of dreaming: Alice in Wonderland says “When hope wakes up, despair goes to sleep.” With this in mind: Let’s celebrate lightness & life!

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hoffnungsträger Yoga Schmuck mit Bedeutung

Me Time

If this crazy time can teach us one thing, it is to be more careful with ourselves. There is no more chance of running away, packing our bags, meeting lots of friends instead of looking deep inside.

There is something wonderful about this inevitable confrontation with ourselves that we should appreciate and use. Because only within ourselves can we find true joy.

All lucky charms and gemstones in our ME TIME collection support you: Lakshmi, the most perfect goddess of beauty, purity, but also health and love.

Hand-knotted malas made of the most beautiful gemstones for daily meditation, but also small gift items that say to everyone we can't hold tightly in our arms at the moment: I'm very close to you.

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Me Time Collection

Yoga Collection

Nobody needs jewelry for yoga - that's clear. But we yogis also know that a certain piece of jewelry can support and remind us of our yogic posture in everyday life.
A look at the wrist with a mantra bracelet makes us hum LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINOW BHAVANTU in our minds, and a grip on the mala makes us pause for a moment. Our handmade yoga jewelry is something very personal. A spiritual companion and a little anchor every now and then.

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Yoga Collection

Free Your Mind

Yes, this collection has also become a very personal one, because it was created at a time of private upheaval, liberation, reorientation, courage, euphoria, but also vulnerability. A time of drive, of being with yourself, of pure happiness and absolute confidence. Of course, the flower of life, as a symbol of the removal of any blockages, should not be missing from this collection. The harmonious element has been missing in our collections for a long time - now the right time has come. But not only the flower of life, the sun mandala also shows the way to an energetic, light-flooded future with its radiance and beauty, testifies to optimism and love of life - everything we need in a summer!

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Free Your Mind Collection

Be Now

Again and again it is these moments of absolute BEING that move me and make me happy. It is a much more honest, deeper happiness than anything that comes from outside - and it only belongs to me. Reason enough to dedicate my own collection to these special moments with pieces of jewelry that remind us of them or stop us in the here and now more often to live. Be it delicate necklaces or rings with the Sanskrit-based lettering NOW, the beauty of a face bowed in Namaste, or selected stones, such as sparkling pyrite, which make us think about ourselves and can lead us to better self-knowledge. Take your moments when they are there & feel life!

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Frau mit hoffnungstreager BE NOW Collection Schmuck.

A tribute to India

The fact that the current fall-winter collection HAD to be dedicated to India is thanks to a great trip. A trip that made me love more than the beautiful surface of India, that touched my heart in unexpected ways and led to a deep connection with the people. This is why India can be seen in every part of the collection - in playful, delicate details as well as in the depth and meaning of symbols and materials. Another fruit of the journey is the new cooperation with a wonderful mala factory in Haridwar, one of India's holy cities. We sincerely hope that you can feel the great love of India in every single piece of jewelry - and carry it on! Hari Oom.

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A tribute to India

Rising Sun

The magic of the awakening day, the colors and delicate warmth of the rising sun in distant lands were the inspiration for this collection. It is a meditative moment when the orange-red planet appears, but the seconds before it also allow time to stand still for a moment, connecting us deeply with ourselves and the earth. The symbol of the “Rising Sun” can be found in summery, filigree necklaces as well as in bracelets made of selected gemstones with healing properties. But the chakra malas and bracelets also reflect the moment of harmony with yourself and the world. Be present and take these wonderful moments of summer with you and enrich yourself with them!

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Rising Sun Collection

Let It Go

What goes better with a spring/summer collection than making yourself light, freeing yourself from old things, habits, patterns?

To look forward into the light, forget everything around you, start dancing, feel freedom? And who could embody all of this better than Shiva?

The father of Ganesha, husband of Parvati, has a powerful energy that is destructive, but also renewing - and thus creates the basis for a fantastic new beginning.

Shiva's divine dance is considered a source of inspiration and urges us humans to spiritual development. Nothing could caress our souls more than that! That’s why “Dancing Shiva” can be found again and again in our necklaces and bracelets in this collection. Together with delicate colors and other pendants that support “letting go”, love and lightness, bring joy and let us fly. Have a wonderful, easy summer with lots of new encounters, experiences and dreams.

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Let it go

Tibet Collection

Our autumn-winter collection is dedicated to one of the most peaceful regions on our planet: Tibet, Nepal, Budhan. Not only the ideas of local customs, such as the prayer flags that can be found everywhere, the individual threads of which are supposed to be distributed throughout the world in order to spread good, but also mantras, such as the most important Tibetan compassion mantra "Om mani padme hung", have us Our pieces of jewelry are inspired and are part of the collection. Spread Love, peace & happiness & enjoy the beauty of our world.

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Tibet Collection