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Let it go

let it go

What goes better with a spring/summer collection than making yourself light, freeing yourself from old things, habits, patterns?

To look ahead into the light, to forget everything around you, to start dancing, to feel freedom? And who better to embody all this than Shiva?

The father of Ganesha, husband of Parvati possesses a powerful energy that is destructive but also renewing - laying the foundation for a fantastic new beginning.

Shiva's divine dance is considered a source of inspiration and pushes us towards spiritual development. Nothing could caress our souls more than that! That's why the "Dancing Shiva" can be found again and again in our necklaces and bracelets in this collection. Together with delicate colors and other pendants that support "letting go", love and lightness, bring joy, let us fly. Have a wonderful, light summer with many new encounters, experiences and dreams.



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