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For Meditation and Yoga practice: Malas and Yoga jewelry

Yoga jewelry is more than a word. A mala can be support for daily yoga practice, protector, giver of strength or close confidante. Buddhist prayer beads have been worn by yogis for thousands of years to aid them on their spiritual path to enlightenment. Yoga is more than a gym exercise for many women and they also want to bring yoga elements into their everyday life. With high-quality yoga jewelery from Hoffnungsträger, fashion-conscious women rely on small and enchanting pieces of yoga jewelery with meaning that underline their beauty.

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For Life and Culture: lucky charms & hippie, boho jewellery

Those who believe in it will feel it: lucky charm jewelery can be a real help in everyday life and keeps reminding us of values ​​and projects. Choose your own personal lucky charm necklace or bracelet, or wear them as meaningful pieces of jewelry. In addition to the preference for lucky charms, we are basically one thing at heart: little hippies who love the nonchalance of the Boho jewelery style and at the same time appreciate the valuable, the everlasting. Here you will find necklaces with mantras, feathers, dream catchers, high-quality bracelets in a modern Woodstock style made of precious stones with silver pendants, as well as earrings that just want to dance at the Coachella Festival.

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High-quality materials

These include fine sterling silver, 14k gold, gemstones, vegan leather or silk straps, etc.

Meaningful creations

Yoga jewelry that has a soul, radiates positivity and good karma.

Handmade with love

All products are designed and handmade in Hamburg, Germany with Love, Peace, Happiness and Oom.

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