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Zoom Bunte Edelstein Mala Kette mit 108 Perlen und grüner Quaste.
Zoom Mala Kette aus 108 Edelsteinen, z.B. Koralle, Aventurin, Citrin, mit grünem Bommel.
Zoom Edelstein Mala Kette mit bunten echten Edelsteinen und hellgrünem Bommel.
Zoom Handgeknüpfte echte Mala Kette mit 108 Edelstein Perlen und Quaste.

9 Planets Gem Mala


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With this magical, hand-knotted mala necklace, you can delve deep into Indian astrology. But you can also just love her for what she stands for: happiness, prosperity, peace & health.

Nine different stones embody the 9 planets, which are the nine forces that reside within you. In India it is assumed that we humans have the possibility to harmonize these forces. A total of 108 beads.

The nine planets (rather celestial bodies) are:

Sun, which stands for rays, lights, vastness and is embodied in the stone ruby.

Moon stands for devotion, letting go, emotion. It is assigned to the pearl.

Mars stands for pioneering spirit, well-being, zest for action. Its stone is the coral.

Mercury represents the intellect, understanding and insight with the stone aventurine.

Venus stands for love & beauty with the clear quartz as a stone.

Jupiter gives security and joy and is assigned to the citrine.

Saturn stands for discipline, limitation, renunciation and is embodied by the amethyst.

"Rahu" and "Ketu" are not visible planets on the physical plane. They are also referred to as the ascending and descending moon and are able to make certain statements about karma, the past and the future. Garnet stands for Rahu, tiger eye for Ketu.

Packaged in a hopeful charity bag from Chiang Mai.

Length: about 100cm, tassel 6.5cm, bead size 7-8mm

Material: gemstones see above, yarn, sterling silver

9 Planets Gem Mala



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